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Grand Hotel San Francisco, CA -

The Grand Hyatt San Francisco is a skyscraper hotel located half a block north of Union Square in San Francisco, California. The 36-storey, 660 room 108 m (354 ft) tower was completed in 1972 as the Hyatt on Union Square and renamed the Grand Hyatt San Francisco in 1990.

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Ruth Asawa's San Francisco Fountain

A fountain by Ruth Asawa is located outside the Grand Hyatt. The basin is of bronze, and the fountain as a whole sits at a height of 90 inches and 193 inches in diameter. The fountain is cylindrical, and the basin has a bas-relief with scenes of San Francisco. The basin and the fountain sits in a set of brick stairs. The fountain depicts images of the Cliff House, the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the Seal of San Francisco, the band Jefferson Airplane, Francis Scott Key, and other San Francisco sights and figures, among other historical figures.

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