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Maui Jim is an American-based manufacturer of sunglasses based in Peoria, Illinois and marketed worldwide. A majority of their lines are marketed with an oceanic and Hawaiian theme-stemming from their foundation and location in Hawaii. In addition to their non-prescription sports and fashion sunglasses, Maui Jim currently produces prescription lenses for their designs, including progressive lenses. Maui Jim hosts its own prescription lab in Peoria, IL.

Maui Jim was originally launched on the hotel pool decks of Maui, Hawaii. The brand was introduced in the mainland states in 1988 via distributorship by owner Bill Capps, based in Northern California.

Maui Jim originally had its main distribution center in Lahaina, Hawaii, but moved to Peoria after buying RLI Vision, the original vision insurance and vision care products unit of RLI Corp, in December 1996. The transaction was structured such that RLI Corp became a major shareholder in Maui Jim, which has continued to the present. Maui Jim maintains an office and store front in Lahaina that is open during week days to the public for repairs and retail. Also in North America is their Mississauga, Ontario office in Canada which serves as a repair and distribution center. The Peoria, Illinois office expanded to include a retail store at the end of 2015 as well as repairs.

In 1999, Forbes Magazine listed Maui Jim in their '100 Things Worth Every Penny' article.

In 2015 and 2016, Maui Jim was selected as the Best Sunglass Company in Vision Monday and 20/20 magazine's EyeVote Reader's Choice awards.

Maui Jim sunglasses often cost between US$150 and $350. Today, Maui Jim offers over 125 different styles of sunglasses.

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